About Me

I have always been interested in Photography . I  first started in about 1955. My first  decent Camera was a Kodak Katie 11 a folding  camera which I bought  on HP  whilst an aprentice. The manager in Kent Cameras was always helpful and I  gradually got into  developing my own. I had a small Darkroom that my father built for me.  I was active   right through to  the early years of my Children. When money was tight and I  sold all my  gear. Ive had several cameras  since that time. The next Decent one was  a Zenith E which requiredthe usual progression into  wide angle and Telephoto Zoom lens. Then My eldest son got interested  and  I  eventualy  gave him  all my stuff and went and bought a point and shoot.

I thought thats it for me I am happy to snap.

My last Camera was my Sanyo  vpc-t850 8.1mp. bought in Spain because someone stood on my Olympus and broke it and I needed a new camera quickly.Its served me well, although  colour rendition  is a little naf. But  Now for my birthday I  am slowly putting a  toe in the water again with a Bridge Camera. The Fujifilm s1500fd. Ive only had it 2 days but I am impressed with the results. So  a friend sugested I put  my efforts onto a blog for comments. So here it is. feel free to Comment Good or Bad.


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