The park

The park

A Walk in the Park


16th October 2013

After a long absence from posting New Pictures. I have decided its time to update.

My last pictures were taken with Fuji s1500 Bridge Camera. Which is fine but its big and bulky for every day use.

My Sanyo gave me problems and was replaced with a Fuji J530 compact. Which was great for  portability. But that  to  was problematic. And was replaced with a cannon SX150-S compact. I thought it was ok as I have used it extensively . But at a party recently It was pointed out that my photos  compared to   friends photos were not up to  the mark. Many  taken in low light were grainy and lacked lustre. When pointed out to me I can see its right. So I have ventured once more into the realms of investing in another camera. A Fuji f660exr. It’s highly recommended for general use and good in low light conditions. It has yet to arrive. But  I see no reason why I can’t continue to  update  this blog again. Time is marching on and I think this will be my last new camera. So  here goes.